Thyssenkrupp ES Verbau Single slide rail system linear shoring

Module length: 2.13 m – 6.38 m
Length slide rail: 4.13 m
Panel height: 1.32 m / 2.32 m
Pipe culvert height: variable
Trench width: variable

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Linear shoring is suitable for casting concrete in-situ place and can be flexibly adapted to any construction project. The ground outside the trench remains largely unaffected, and buildings and traffic flow are not impaired – a level of performance that was long-considered unattainable.

On linear shoring, rigid carriages cars that are height-adjusted to match the increasing depth keep the beams and shoring panels at the same distance apart at all times; the trench width remains unchanged at all stages of the project. The width of the rigid frame is adapted with spreaders to the desired trench width. The carriage maintains precise right angles – everything stays linearly aligned, always at the same distance from the opposite side. This ensures more efficient, faster, better-quality, and noticeably more cost-effective operations, with a major advantage of the system being derived from the design of the beam. For only on the linear shoring system is it possible to pivot in the shoring panels from the side.