Thyssenkrupp Krings Spunt kassett

Grunnleggende data
• Kassett lengder: 2,83 m – 4,07 m
• Høyde base unit. 0,48 m / 1,00 m
• Antall spunt 14 stk KD4 / KD 6
• Max dybde 2,3 m / 6,00 m
• Rørkulvert høyde: maks. 3,65 m

Varenummer Spunt kassett Kategorier ,


This rapid, cost-cutting shoring system (also known to experts as vertical shoring) is the inner-city complement to proven large-area steel shoring. Particularly in sections frequently crossed by pipes and cables, this type of shoring has a large number of economic advantages combined with its extreme ease of use. With dig-and-push installation by a digger at the end of the trench, efficient operations are assured even in busy streets and confined spaces.

The use of existing shoring components from the rest of the krings product range helps to cut costs considerably. The strut elements are compatible with large-area steel shoring. Its combination with large-area shoring in sections without crossing pipes and cables is also highly economic. For this purpose, the frame panels are fitted at the ends with guide profiles for insertion in slide-rails.