SH Stålsaks

( 1 ) New Pearcing Tip

Bolted blades on pearcing tip for fast replacement, eliminating time-consuming rebuilding of the tip.

( 2 ) Double Guide

Twin guide on the movable jaw ensures optimal alignment.

( 3 ) New Jaw Design

New fixed jaw design increases cutting capacity, while material easily falls away.

( 4 ) New Manto-Autolube System®

Shears above 7 tons are equipped with unique Manto-Autolube greasing system, ensuring that all moving parts in the shear are regularly greased.

( 5 ) Frontal Blade

The front blade ensures accurate shearing and can be turned.

( 6 ) Patented Speed Valve

The patented Speed Valve on cylinder reduces cycle times, regenerates power when required and protects the shear eliminating pressure peaks.

( 7 ) All New Blades

All blades have been redesigned in a rhomboid shape to reduce stress on the jaws. Each blade can be turned effectively 3 times. The new blades are threaded for easier removal and installation.

( 8 ) Central Pin Adjustment Kit

Mantovanibenne has a unique central pin layout: it allows for regular adjustment of the pin to ensure perfect shearing. The pin can ben removed for maintenance of all related parts.

( 9 ) Rotation Group with Anticavitation Valve

360° continous rotation enables always the perfect positioning of the shear.

( 10 ) All New Cylinders

Increased cylinder size for 20% more power. Forged cylinder rod for a better functionality and security. Reversed cylinder installation for maximum rod protection.


Stålsaks SH2000R "The Steel Eagle"

Den største stålsaksen fra EAGLE II serien, SH2000R er utstyrt med en patentert "Speed Valve", automatisk smøresystem og 360 ° hydraulisk rotasjon.
SH2000 ble produsert i 2012, rett etter det forferdelige jordskjelvet som traff Mantovanibenne`s fabrikk i Mirandola.
SH2000 vekt 21tonn, lengde 6 m og kjeft åpning på 1,2 m.
Montert på en Komatsu PC1250, går den daglig på et stålverk.